Big Blue Water Filtration System 3-Stage


Big Blue Water Filtration System 3-Stage


Got a problem with your whites turning yellow? Tired of your shower head getting blocked with grit? This 3-stage set up is the perfect solution.
Put it on your water main line to filter the whole house.
It can even help remove chlorine and other organic chemicals from your water.

Our Big Blue Systems can take a variety of different filters depending on the implementation.



This standalone system is ideal for home, office, and industrial applications. Each system can handle up to 45 gallons per minute. The modular nature of this system allows for a range of different filters to be used.

Filters: 25-micron



Granulated Activated Carbon


Housing Wrench


Access to the mains water piping before it enters the house (if application is for whole house filtration).

PVC Pipe (up to 1”) and fittings to tie the system into the existing lines.


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